About My Name

张淞Zhāng Sōng is my Chinese name written in 漢字 (hanzi), pronounced as Zhang Song in pinyin. It can also be written in Traditional Chinese as 張淞.

In China, we put the family name first and the given name last, i.e., is my family name, and is my given name. But I may often put them in the other order for the convenience of English context. Thus, you can call me Song Zhang, or just Song.

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My name doesn't actually have any special intrinsic meaning. It's just a normal river in China (吴淞江, Wusong River). My mom gave it to me for its ideogrammatic meaning - the radical (偏旁) of it is , which means water; and the other part of it is , which means tree (or pine if specific). So I have the Water and the Wood from Wuxing (五行, Five Phases), which conveys good wishes and prays of fortune.

Anyway, you can just call me Song! :)